PST Past Papers Solved PDF

PST Past Papers Solved PDF free download from this page. PTS Test MCQs is provided for the students to prepare their test. ETEA PST past papers solved PDF  for KPK, Sindh is available to download online for free. IBA PST Past Papers solved pdf and PST Old Test Paper 2022 check online from here. So, all candidates can download their PST test preparation book pdf for free of cost from the link provided below.

PST Past Paper 2022

The government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has announced new positions for Primary School Teachers (PSTs). If you are seeking for PST employment exam preparation materials, look no further. Then you’ve arrived to the correct web page. Previous year’s papers, solved multiple-choice questions (MCQs), paper patterns, Islamic Studies MCQs, World General Knowledge MCQs, Solved Past Papers of FPSC exam pertaining to GK, Solved Past Papers of OTS NTS Current Affairs, and other materials are available. If you study the information on this website, we are certain that you will pass the job exam with flying colors. The PST employment exam will carry out by the National Testing Service.

PST Past Papers Solved PDF

PTS Test MCQs PDF Download

Download past papers from the Education and Literacy Department for various positions such as Junior Elementary School Teacher, Primary School Teacher, Senior Clerck, Junior Clerck, and Monitoring Supervisor, among others, from this page. The tests are conducted by SUKKER IBA UNIVERSITY SIBA Testing Service and are open to the public (STS).

PST Past Papers 2022 PDF

In this section, you can find past papers, curriculum, sample papers, and books for the PST Primary School Teachers examination administered by the ETEA and NTS. Past NTS MCQs papers and guide books for the job of NTS PST Primary School Teacher are available for download in pdf format here. You may acquire free downloads for exam preparation for new employment in the KPK education department, and you can also inform your friends and classmates about this website so that others can also gain information from it.

ETEA PST Past Papers

ETEA SST Past Papers are also available in pdf. SST General Solved Previous Papers Jobs in KPK 2022 (CT, TT, DM) Qari/Qaria Jobs in KPK have been advertised to fill vacancies in primary and secondary schools. KPK’s Educational Testing and Evaluation Agency (ETEA) has published teacher openings for 2022.

ETEA SST Solved Past Papers for Teacher Jobs

Download the ETEA SST Solved Past Papers in PDF format. Additionally, ETEA Solved Past Papers Qari/Qaria have been posted. Past Papers for ETEA Teacher Jobs in 2022 have been published on the website. We expect that applicants would well prepare for the ETEA Written Test for Primary School Teacher Jobs in KPK in 2022 as a result of this opportunity.

PST Past Papers Solved PDF KPK

The KPK government has published several teacher vacancies in different districts. KPK Primary School Teacher Jobs 2022 released. Download ETEA PST Past Papers in pdf format. This website has ETEA Past Papers Teacher Jobs in KPK. PST Jobs 2022 applicants may obtain ETEA Primary School Teacher Past Papers. ETEA Past Papers Solved PDF Format have been improved. Teacher Syllabus 2022 and ETEA Solved Past Papers for Physical Education, Certified and Arabic Teachers have been posted.

PST Past Papers Solved PDF Sindh

There are several testing agencies such as National Testing Service (NTS), Open Testing Service (OTS), Sindh Testing Service (STS) and Sukker-IBA Testing that provide past papers and preparation books for various competitive examinations.

IBA PST Past Papers Solved PDF

These are the STS SUKKUR IBA Teachers applications, STS SUKKUR IBA Teachers and NTS Educators statistics. What is the difference between a PST and a JEST? What is the difference between a PST and a JEST? You may read online or download all materials in PDF format. Please share this site and data with your friends.

PST Past Papers PDF Download

Prepare for NTS Teachers Jobs in PST CT PET DM AT TT CT-IT Qari/Qaria All SSTz by visiting the following link. Candidates may access previous exams, books, and preparation materials for all new teaching positions for free on this website, which update on a regular basis. The data has been submitted in pdf format. The download link is provided below; just click on it to begin.

Download more past papers:

MES Past Paper for Sub Engineer Civil PDF Download

PST Old Test Paper 2022

Job advertising, PST job criteria, exam dates, roll number slips, previous papers, paper pattern for the job/board exam test, and result are all available on, the official website of the Elementary and Secondary Education Department of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. As a result, please return to this website on a frequent basis.

ETEA CT Past Papers PDF Download

Choosing your desired book and downloading it from the list of books published by any reputable name on that particular platform is the first step in downloading free study books. Alternatively, you can click on the link provided for specific book downloading, which will take you to a platform where you can click and download easily in one click.

PST Test Preparation Book PDF

PST JST Sample Past Papers 2022 will be uploaded here so that you may get free sample paper PST JST for exam preparation purposes. Sample papers for the IBA exam may be obtained from this page. Past papers from government education departments, such as PST and JST, are nowhere to find. Additionally, you may find detailed instructions on how to apply and pass the test here. Download pst JST HST sample exam paper in pdf format, as well as pst previous papers solved in pdf format.

The Solar Year has ____ days?
  1. 355
  2. 350
  3. 365
  4. 356

Answer: The solar year 365 days 5 hours 48 minutes 46 seconds, also called tropical year, or year of the seasons.

The Lunar year was shorter by ___ days
  1. 12 days
  2. 11 days
  3. 13 days
  4. None

Answer: A lunar year of 12 cycles of lunar phases is about 354 days long.

Which of the following is not a solution of the equation 2x+3y=24
  1. (9,-2)
  2. (0,8)
  3. (12,0)
  4. (6,4)
Choose the correct spelling_____
  1. Pictorial
  2. Pactorial
  3. Pacorial
  4. None

Answer: Pictorial


Which organ purifies our blood?
  1. Haert
  2. Kidney
  3. Lungs
  4. Tissue

Answer:  The kidneys are two shape organs responsible for filtering the blood and removing waste.

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