PPSC PMS Syllabus 2022 PDF Download Punjab

PPSC PMS Syllabus 2022 PDF Download of compulsory and optional subjects for Punjab from this page. Download the PMS Syllabus Punjab 2022 PPSC and previous papers to prepare well for the PPSC PCS exam. The PMS Punjab syllabus 2022 is available in PDF format. PPSC develops and conducts PMS exams on time. Candidates must first qualify for the PPSC position. The Punjab government is poised to announce PMS jobs 2022.

PMS Syllabus 2020 PDF Download

PPSC Exam PMS Syllabus 2021 – 2022 Download the PDF version of the syllabus. Subjects that are required and optional. PPSC has revised the Provincial Management Service (PMS) curriculum by re-introducing the twenty-nine choice subjects for its Combined Competitive Examination for recruitment to the positions of Provincial Management Service (PMS). To be considered for admission, each candidate must complete all of the required subjects as well as three of the optional subjects, each of which carries 200 points (nearly one from every category). As a result, the total number of points for the PMS examinations is 1200 points.

PPSC PMS Syllabus PDF Download

PMS Syllabus 2022 PDF Download Punjab

Compulsory subjects list, marks division, and syllabus are all included in this comprehensive PMS course overview, which also includes the whole PMS course outline of optional topics. Provincial Management Services (PMS) is an abbreviation (PMS). It is a provincial base management service that is designed to meet the specific demands of each province. This test is administered on a regular basis by the province Public Service Commissions across Pakistan.

PMS Syllabus Punjab

PSC (Punjab PPSC will henceforth direct written assessments from applicants who submitted for PMS examinations online. Many contestants will show up in PMS Punjab exams. Competitors are informed that you may access the PMS timetable, PPSC Syllabus 2022 and PMS topics from this website. Download PPSC PMS roll number slip by CNIC and enrolment number. Participants in the PMS tests should be well prepared. PPSC examinations are considered severe.

PMS Exam Guidelines

  • The PMS exam will be offered three times.
  • To qualify for the interview, you must score 40 out of 100 in all obligatory and optional topics, and 50% of the total score (600/1200).
  • After passing the PMS written exam, a candidate must pass a psychological examination. The psychological exam is ungraded, but the viva voce is (final interview).
  • In the end, it’s a 300-point The applicant who gets 50% in the last interview wins. Finally, the Merit (Written + Interview) will determine the winner.

PMS Compulsory Subjects Syllabus PDF

PMS compulsory subjects list, marks division, and syllabus in pdf format. You may get free PMS syllabus in pdf format. The mandatory PMS exam topics are listed above. Simply click the download button to get the PPSC PMS required subjects curriculum in pdf.

PMS Optional Subjects Syllabus PDF

We have given you with all of the information you need regarding PMS optional courses, as well as the syllabus for PMS optional subjects, which you can download for free. All of the PMS optional subjects groups are listed above, and you can download the PMS optional subjects syllabus in pdf format by simply clicking on the download button. PMS optional subjects are not required for graduation.

PMS Optional Subjects List

All of the PMS optional topic groupings are shown here, along with their respective marks distributions. You may get the syllabus for all of the PMS optional topics in pdf format from the link provided above.

Select one Subject(s) of 200 marks only:
Group 1 Optional SubjectsGroup 2 Optional Subjects
Veterinary ScienceEconomics
BotanyBusiness Administration
ZoologyPublic Administration
Select one Subject of 100 marks only
Group 3 Optional SubjectsGroup 4 Optional SubjectsGroup 5 Optional Subjects
MathematicsPhysicsPolitical Science
Computer ScienceChemistryHistory
Principle Of EngineeringGeographyMass Communication
Select only one Subject of 100 marks
Group 6 Optional SubjectsGroup 7 Optional Subjects
Social WorkSociology
English LiteratureAnthropology

Download Syllabus of PMS

More information can obtain by clicking on the link, which leads to the PPSC Provincial Management Service Course Outlines for Optional Subjects, which contains a list of all optional subject groups and an outline for each group, as well as the marks divisions by subject and the complete syllabus for each subject.

PPSC PMS New Syllabus 2022

Keep up with this website to get insight into the PPSC’s most current jobs in 2022, as well as prepared analyses of those positions. Competitors, presuming you are coping with any difficulties to obtain the PPSC schedule and handle old papers, please consider of us in the comments box while you are writing your responses.

PMS Syllabus 2022 PPSC

A complete course overview for all mandatory courses in the Provincial Management Service is available here. It includes subject lists, a division of marks, and a syllabus. This is due to the fact that the Punjab Public Service Commission (PPSC) is revising the Provincial Management Service curriculum and introducing the 29 optional courses that will be utilized in the Combined Competitive Examination for recruitment in the Provincial Management Service jobs.

PMS Optional Subjects

The PPSC PMS syllabus for the year 2021 may be downloaded for free from the link provided below. Everyone who applies will require to take all of the mandatory topics, along with three optional subjects (nearly one from each PMS elective subjects group), each of which will carry 200 points. As a result, the total number of points for the PMS examinations is 1200 points. As a result, PMS required topics get 600 points, while optional or elective PMS subjects receive 600 points.

PMS Syllabus 2022

PPSC has specified seven categories for selecting PMS optional topics. Candidates must choose three optional topics (not more than one from each group). A cursory look at the PPSC curriculum suggests that PMS Syllabus covers most of the degrees earned by applicants. PMS Syllabus briefly discussed here. The group syllabus is below:

PPSC PMS Course Outline 2022

Applicant must take three elective subjects (nearly three from each category) with 200 marks each. Thus, the overall score for the PMS exams is 1200. Below is a list of all obligatory and optional topics, divided by PMS exam scores and new regulations. The PMS course overview is available here.

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