FBR UDC Test Preparation Book PDF

FBR UDC Test Preparation Book 2022 free downloads in PDF format with Solved Questions and Answers for Test in English and Urdu language from this page. Download FBR UDC English Notes 2022 and Previous Papers from here. Complete English part notes with answer keys for FBR UDC Post 2022. UDC Preparation Books PDF is provided below. Grammar blunders Mock-questionnaires MCQs, Synonyms, Antonyms MCQs with solutions book is available here. All applicants can download free FBR UDC Test Preparation Book in English and Urdu language at this page.


FBR Test Preparation Book PDF 2022

You may get the preparation books for UDC Upper Division Clerk and LDC Lower Division Clerk jobs by downloading them. Written papers, multiple choice questions, question papers, notes, and sample papers may all be downloaded in PDF format from this page. Download Pakistan UDC and LDC Division Clerks previous papers and helpful material, books and papers in PDF format from the link provided below for the preparation of the newest and new jobs examinations for FIA, OTS, CTS, UTS, NTS, MES, police and other government agencies.

FBR UDC Test Preparation Book

UDC Preparation Books PDF

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FBR UDC Test Pattern 2022

1.       How many white stars are on the national flag of the USA?

Ans. 50

2.       The social network site “Twitter” was launched on?

Ans. March 21, 2006

3.       Which is the national bird of Pakistan ?

Ans. Chukor

4.       What is the standard monetary unit of Turkey?

Ans. Lira

5.       The largest planet is?

Ans. Jupiter

6.       Headquarter of Pakistan NAVY is in?

Ans. Islamabad

7.       Highest Dam in world is?

Ans. The Grande (Switzerland)

8.       Which Country has the oldest monarchy?

Ans. Japan

9.       The capital of Saudi Arabia is?

Ans. Riyadh

10.   Pakistan’s first coin was issued on?

Ans. 3rd January 1948

FBR Past Papers PDF Download

UDC and LDC Clerk Recruitment Guide with Solved MCQs in PDF Book Format. The Eduonline.pk website provides all the MCQs for the examinations preparations of Senior Clerk (UDC), Junior Clerk (LDC), Data Entry Operator (DEO), Stenographer (STN), and Assistant (Assistant) and Computer Operator employment tests. Using this guide, you will be able to pass the examinations for District and Session Court, S & GAD, Labor and Human Resources, Negligence Buru, Excise and Taxation, and all other Government of Pakistan Private Offices Clerk Jobs Posts.

FBR Preparation Book PDF

Download the FBR UDC English Notes 2021 of previous papers in PDF format. Detailed notes on the English section for the preparation of the FBR UDC Post 2022 examination with answer keys are available here. Following your completion of the book, we are certain that you will get high passing scores on your UDC and LDC exams. In all, there are around 1000 questions and answers in the book.

There are four portions to the book in all. First and foremost, the English Section expresses everything related to English, followed by the General Knowledge Section, which expresses everything related to general knowledge, then the Islamiat Section, which expresses knowledge of Islamic History, and finally the Pakistan History Section, which expresses very brief information about Pakistan. The author of the book is unknown, and the format of the book is PDF. The book’s size is 4 Mb, which is not a large amount, but it is a little amount.

Following topics are available in this book with solved Multiple choice questions.

  • Antonyms
  • Synonyms
  • Common grammar errors
  • Fill in the Blanks
  • Direct & Indirect

Past papers of Federal Board of Revenue UDC

  • Full Syllabus Coverage PDF MCQs Guide
  • All Questions and Answers are according to Syllabus
  • Post Related Study Material Only
  • To the point Study Material for exams

MCQs from FBR UDC Past Papers of Upper Division Clerk Test

Check below some MCQs:

1.       I have referred the matter …….. the principal.
  1. with
  2. By
  3. To
  4. On
2.       He is notsatisfied ……. his lot.
  1. for
  2. In
  3. with
  4. over
3.       This medicine has relieved him …….his pain.
  1. In
  2. Of
  3. with
  4. over
4.       We are sick …… him.
  1. Of
  2. By
  3. with
  4. On
5.       World War II began by German invasion on __________ .
  1. Russia
  2. France
  3. United Kingdom
  4. Poland

UDC Test Preparation PDF

1.       When Quaid-e-Azam presented his 14 points?

Ans. On Muslim League Delhi session 1929.

2.       How many seats were captured by Muslim League?

Ans. 211.

3.       When Pakistan Resolution was passed?

Ans. 23 March 1940.

4.       When Cripps Mission came into India?

Ans. 23 March 1942.

5.       When Sir Syed Ahmad Khan was designated as a member of Imperial Council?

Ans. 1877.

6.       M.A.O College was established in the year.

Ans. 1875.

7.       When Mohammedan Educational Conference was formed?

Ans. 1866.

8.       When Hindi-Urdu Controversy started?

Ans. 1867.

9.       When Bengal was partitioned?

Ans. 1905.

10.   Who was the head of Simla Deputation?

Ans. Sir Agha Khan.

11.   Majlis Khadam-e-Kaba was established in?

Ans. 1913.

12.   Who is the writer of “Emergence of Pakistan”?

Ans. Chaudry Muhammad Ali.

13.   Who wrote “India Wins Freedom”?

Ans. Abul Kalam Azad.

14.   Who is the author of “Foundation of Pakistan”?

Ans. Sharif-ud-Din Pirzada.

15.   Who werethe members of Punjab Boundary Commission?

Ans. i. Justice Muhammad Munir ii. Justice Shah Din iii. Justice Tega Singh iv. Justice

FBR UDC Test Past Papers

Past papers from the FIA, UDCA, and ASI are accessible on this website. If you are seeking for previous papers for the UDC Test, you may find them on this website, which you can download. More information may be found on the FBR’s official website.

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